Notice Regarding Establishment of Third-Party Investigative Committee and Withdrawal of All Articles from Entire Curation Platform Services

TOKYO, JAPAN - December 5, 2016 - DeNA Co., Ltd. (Tokyo: 2432) had announced that, in its curation platform service, articles with medical information with insufficient medical backing and misleading information had been posted, and concerns arose about its handling of materials written by others. Questions have even arisen about whether this problem was systemic, and originated within DeNA's corporate culture.

We have very carefully examined the situation, and decided that the best way to rebuild trust in DeNA as a company would be to have an official investigation conducted into our curation platform service by an objective third party. Therefore, we have decided to establish a third-party investigative committee to conduct an investigation into this situation. This committee will be formed by external experts, including external board members, appointed by DeNA's board.

The operating structure and policies of MERY differ from those of our other nine curation media (WELQ, iemo, Find Travel, cuta, UpIn, CAFY, JOOY, GOIN, and PUUL) that have already had their articles withdrawn; however, for the purposes of conducting a thorough official investigation, we determined that it would be better for all services to be suspended and to withdraw all articles from our entire curation platform service, including MERY. We plan to withdraw all articles from MERY on December 7.

We would like to sincerely apologize to all of our users of this service, all of our partners, internet users in general, as well as our shareholders and investors, for the damage that we have caused.

1. Objective for the Third-Party Investigative Committee
Investigate the details of this issue and ascertain the cause (not only direct causes, but also general factors such as issues with corporate culture, compliance, and our organizational structure).

2. Formation of the Third-Party Investigative Committee
This committee will be formed by external experts, including external board members. The selection of committee members is currently in progress, and the final makeup of the committee will be announced as soon as possible.

3. Investigation Schedule
Once the structure of the Third-Party Investigative Committee is decided, this committee will set the scope of the investigation and the investigation period. The committee will conduct a fair and objective official investigation, and once the investigation is completed, a report will be issued for the DeNA board which will also be published externally.

4. Post Investigation Outlook
We will establish the Third-Party Investigative Committee as stated above, and will investigate the details of the current situation as well as determine the cause. We aim to be a company that is able to provide internet services that are trusted by society, and will implement radical reforms based on the committee report, including any necessary measures against executives and employees.