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Mobile Games

Building on its extensive knowledge of developing, operating and marketing mobile games since 2006, DeNA currently offers a wide variety of free-to-play mobile apps and browser games.


DeNA's original Mobage social game platform in Japan hosts a wide-ranging catalog of hundreds of free-to-play mobile games to millions of users. With a single user account, the gamers can access the games and use Mobage's social networking features and virtual currencies.

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Yahoo! Mobage

Yahoo! Mobage offers social games for PC browsers, and is directly accessible from Yahoo! Japan's popular Web portal. It allows users to access their Mobage (Japan) accounts from PC browsers.


AndApp is a platform that allows users to play mobile game apps on PC browsers under the same user account.

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DeNA Shopping is the official marketplace for Mobage's Japanese network.Accessible from smartphones, feature phones, and PCs,Bidders offers loyalty points for shopping in addition to the chance to win Mobage virtual currency, which can be exchanged for in-game items and clothing for avatars.

au Shopping mall

This shopping website is operated jointly by DeNA and KDDI, a major telecommunications company in Japan. The service is accessible from both mobile devices and PCs. For subscribers of KDDI's "au" mobile service, the amount they spent on the website is conveniently included in their monthly phone bills.


Focused on fashion items, but still offering a broad product lineup from premium merchandise to hobby gear, Mobaoku allows users to manage their auction items and bids from their mobile phones at any time, anywhere.


Paygent is operated by a joint venture of DeNA and Mitsubishi UFJ Nicos to provide payment collection services to e-commerce companies operating websites for PCs and mobile devices. Paygent offers a rich range of settlement options, advanced data security, and highly convenient management screens and connection modules that can be used across multiple types of payments.

DeNA Travel

DeNA Travel is a comprehensive online travel service that handles a wide range of services centered on overseas tours, discount international flight tickets, overseas hotels, domestic tours, discount domestic flight tickets, discount highway buses. Searching on a 24-hour realtime basis, seat vacancy queries, immediate bookings and payments are available. Bookings can also be made from the mobile site.

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E*Everystar delivers general UGC (User Generated Content) media, for users to post and browse their hobbies and works in various fields, such as novels, comics, illustrations, photographs, essays, how-to articles and poetry in haiku, senryu, tanka styles. We are establishing a new type of mobile-based UGC (User Generated Content) media that strives to support the culture of widely disseminating hobbies and works, widens people's pleasures and supports their creativity.

Manga Box

Manga Box is a weekly manga magazine app that allows users to read professional artists' manga series on smartphones and tablets for free. Titles available on Manga Box include original manga series created by popular artists, spin-offs of existing popular series and classics. Most titles are simultaneously published in Japanese, English and Traditional Chinese.


SHOWROOM is a virtual stage where fans can watch their favorite label-signed artists' performance live while interacting with them in real time. Fans can post comments and throw virtual gifts onto the stage and get the performers' immediate feedback. Showroom is available on PC browsers and as both an Android and iOS app.


MyAnimeList is a website aimed at anime fans globally, and includes features such as a database of over 40,000 entries and highly active forums. MyAnimeList is becoming the heart for sharing, discussing and discovering anime and manga information in the English speaking world.

Hacka Doll

Hacka Doll is a news aggregation app specialized for fans of anime, manga, video games and other diverse otaku topics. The app automatically handpicks news articles based on each user's specific interests and delivers them 3 times a day.



Mycode is a direct-to-consumer genetic testing service operated by DeNA's subsidiary DeNA Life Science (DLS) in Japan. Users only need to mail their saliva samples to DLS's own lab to view their genetic predispositions and personalized health tips.


KenCoM, operated by DeNA and Sumitomo Corp.'s joint venture DeSC Healthcare, supports health insurance societies in Japan by centrally managing their members' health data and providing recommendations tailored to each user, while offering fun opportunities for improving their health.

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Shumee-to Club

Shumee-to Club is a social networking website for hobby-based social exchange among middle-aged and senior citizens. It began as a joint business with Club Tourism, a major Japanese travel agency.


Mirrativ is a first-of-its-kind livestreaming app that will allow users to share anything happening on their smartphone screen and receive comments and "stars" (likes) in real-time from viewers.

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Anyca is a mobile app for peer-to-peer car sharing, which matches user-owned cars with drivers who wish to drive them for a short period of time.

Robot Taxi

Developed by the joint venture between DeNA and ZMP, Robot Taxi is a driverless transportation service that is planned to be launched in 2020 in Japan.

Robot Shuttle

Robot Shuttle is a driverless, shared transportation service for the last mile between the destination and its closest transportation hub.

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Iemo is a curation platform focused on home decoratoin and interior design.


MERY is a curation platform focused on women's fashion and lifestyle.


CAFY is a curation platform focused on cooking and food.


JOOY is a curation platform focused on men's fashion and lifestyle.

Find Travel

Find Travel provides useful travel tips about popular sightseeing destinations, restaurants, hotels and more, all posted by experienced travelers and locals.


cuta is a curation platform focused on child rearing.


welq is a curation platform focused on wellness and healthcare.


GOIN is a curation platform focused on cars.


upin is a curation platform focused on personal finance.


PUUL is a curation platform focused on entertainment.

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