Strategic Investment Office

We've done a lot in our short history, from online auctions to social networking to gaming and beyond. While today we're a multibillion dollar business and one of the top mobile companies in world, we certainly didn't get here without a fight. We encountered numerous speed bumps along the way, and with the support of our investors, clients, and advisors, we were able to persevere. What was engrained throughout those experiences was a nimble culture with a mentality to always keep an eye out for the next big thing.

In many cases, that next big thing comes from passionate entrepreneurs, not big companies. Some companies try to repress these startups; we choose to embrace them. We strive to find the visionaries, the troublemakers, the builders of our tomorrow and provide them with the resources they need to bring us the future.

What we bring to the table

We understand that the best entrepreneurs have many options, so we try to provide more than just capital.
• Your gateway to Asia:
Having built businesses throughout, we bring along established networks and local knowledge critical to success in Asia.
• Operational support, when you need it:
Our resources are yours, and we look out for synergies within our lines of business to help take your company to the next level.
• An Entrepreneur-first approach:
We're operational guys, not financiers. Our ultimate goal is not just capital gain, but to take a long-term view and build strong relationships with entrepreneurs in their early days.

Investment Focus

Although we invest in a wide range of categories, we tend to focus on the following areas:


  • Akinori Harada

    Akinori Harada developed new businesses and supported numerous mobile venture companies at NTT and NTT DoCoMo. Later, he joined mixi as COO and promoted mobile businesses as well as building mixi platform. He has created many venture companies in the area of social business such as SAP. Currently he serves as a managing partner in venture investment, a division head of New Service Incubation Division and also as an executive officer in DeNA.

  • Mikihiro Yasuda

    Mikihiro Yasuda started his career as a programmer. After working at Netscape Communications, he served as Group CTO at Digital Garage and engaged in various businesses. Following this he held the CTO/COO positions at Later, he established Open Network Lab, a program for venture investment and incubation. Now Mikihiro is a venture investment partner for the US market in DeNA. He lives in San Francisco.

  • Ayataro Nakagawa

    While studying at a university, Ayataro Nakagawa participated in founding Atokore and served as COO. He founded Peroli in 2012 and released MERY, Japan's biggest curated information platform for girls. He sold the business to DeNA in September 2014. He leads new business development and is a partner of venture investment in DeNA.


Companies invested by DeNA include following: