Our People

Tomoko Namb

Tomoko Namba

Founder & Executive Chairman

Tomoko Namba is the Founder and Executive Chairman of DeNA. Namba served as the company's CEO since its founding in 1999 until June 2011. Prior to founding DeNA, she was a partner at McKinsey & Co. She obtained an MBA at Harvard Business School in 1990.

Isao Moriyasu

Isao Moriyasu

President & CEO

Isao Moriyasu assumed his current position in June 2011. He was previously named COO in April 2009 after serving as a board member for three years. Since joining DeNA as an engineer in November 1999, Moriyasu has launched a number of projects that have become the company's main sources of growth, including its mobile game business. Prior to entering DeNA, Moriyasu worked at Oracle Corporation Japan. He obtained a master's degree of Aeronautics and Astronautics at the University of Tokyo in 1998.


Akinori Harada

Member of the Board

Akinori Harada began his career in 1998 at Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT), where he worked in the content/portal business and in the portal/search business at NTT DoCoMo, Inc. He then joined mixi, Inc. in 2008, and was made Representative Director and Vice President in 2010. He joined DeNA in October 2013, where he worked as an executive officer and also as the head of the Commerce & Incubation Unit. In June 2018 he was made a member of the board (present).

Hiroyuki Otsuka
Outside Director
Nobuo Domae
Outside Director
Shinichi Koizumi
Standing Corporate Auditor
Taketsune Watanabe
Corporate Auditor
Masaru Iida
Corporate Auditor
Hisaaki Fujikawa
Corporate Auditor
Yukinao Kondo
Corporate Auditor
Shingo Okamura
Managing Executive Officer (COO) & Head of Sports Business Unit
Atsushi Kobayashi
Managing Executive Officer (CTO), Head of System Management Unit
Hiroshi Nakajima
Managing Executive Officer, Head of Automotive Business Unit
Keigo Watanabe
Managing Executive Officer, Head of External Partnerships & Alliances Unit
Jun Oi
Executive Officer, Head of Corporate Unit
Takeshi Matsui
Executive Officer, Deputy Head of Game & Entertainment Business Unit
Yu Sasaki
Executive Officer, Head of the Game Div. in the Game & Entertainment Business Unit
Gu Qianjun
Executive Officer, Head of the China Business Div. in the Game & Entertainment Business Unit
Sho Segawa
Executive Officer, Head of Healthcare Business Unit
Shinya Masuda
Executive Officer, Head of Net Services Business Unit & Head of Design Unit
Daewoo Choi
Executive Officer, Head of Human Resources Unit & Head of Compliance & Risk Management Unit
Masahide Tsushima
Executive Officer, Head of COO Office
Shintaro Asako
Executive Officer
Osamu Ikeda
Executive Officer, Specializing in Game Development
Susa Abe
Executive Officer, Specializing in Legal
Koji Tachibana
Executive Officer, Specializing in Corporate Finance

(As of Apr 1, 2019)