To Our Investors

President & CEO Shingo Okamura

As an eternal venture, DeNA has grown into a unique company that uses the internet and AI to entertain and to serve, with the support of many stakeholders.

The world is standing at a crossroads. Globalization, and the challenges it has brought, as well as the diversification and increased complexity in values driven by the information revolution have deepened skepticism towards the world order based on national governments. In recent times COVID-19 has accelerated geographical and psychological divisions. The legitimacy of values held dear by society and individuals has been shaken.
We do not waver in the face of these changes in the world. We aspire to be a company that creates universal value that brings hope for our future. Our mission reflects this unwavering resolve: “We delight people beyond their wildest dreams.”

We want to deliver stunning delight to everyone, who naturally have different values and views on their life, and contribute to the creation of a vibrant 21st century world where diversity and complexity are welcome.

DeNA does business on a variety of stages. We do business in the virtual world, where we can easily cross national borders and reach people around the world, and we do business in real world locations, such as Yokohama and Kanagawa. We will leverage the individual strengths of our talented employees who always try to challenge themselves, and we will drive innovation. We hope you look forward to the waves DeNA will make in the future.

On behalf of the DeNA Group, we would like to thank you, our shareholders and investors, for your continued support.

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