Mission, Vision, and Value


We delight people beyond their wildest dreams.


We will be the world’s premier provider of internet and AI technology to delight people everywhere.
We seek to entertain and enrich lives, and to serve and make the world a better place.
Each of us harnesses our individual strengths to make our unique business succeed.

DeNA Promise

Our Social Promise

Commitment to Product & Service Quality

Our utmost priority is the quality of our products and services, and we strive to deliver top-class delight to customers.

Cooperation & Prosperity for All

Creating prosperity for everyone in the community is a vital priority for us, and we always work with our business partners and other members of the community to have a positive impact in everything that we do.

Embracing Challenges with Integrity

We provide delight beyond imagination by embracing the challenges of pioneering new technology and service possibilities. We also face the social impact of technological progress with unwavering integrity.

Acting with Transparency

As a member of the community, we believe that transparency should be reflected in the actions of everyone on staff and in management.

Providing Growth Opportunities for Diverse Employees

We respect and celebrate diversity, and we seek to provide a unique and invaluable work experience, enabling our employees to contribute to society.

Acting Sustainably

As a global citizen, we strive for harmony with the economy, society, and the environment in order to contribute to a sustainable future.

DeNA Quality

One Team in Pursuit of Delight

Focus on Substance

We focus on providing true value.

Surface of Sphere

Each of us represents DeNA, and we bring that spirit and sense of responsibility to everything that we do.

All In

With a "two ranks up" perspective, we strive for both personal and organizational growth.

Speak Up & Transparency

We value transparent and open communication to deliver results as a team.

Let's Enjoy the Journey

Whether we succeed or fail in the challenges we take on, we learn every step of the way to ensure a fulfilling journey.

DeNA Group Code of Conduct

All the executives and employees of the DeNA Group are required to fully understand the contents and act in accordance with this Code.


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