DeNA Launches Mobage iPhone App for Japanese Market

Aug 12th 2011

Casual Games and Popular Social Game Ninja Royale Also Available on App Store

TOKYO, JAPAN - August 12, 2011 - DeNA Co., Ltd. announced today that its iOS app for Japanese-market Mobage became available on Apple Inc.'s Japanese App Store yesterday. Consumers using Apple's iOS devices such as iPhone and iPod touch in Japan can now download the Mobage app and enjoy dynamic features unavailable on the existing browser-based Mobage.

Timed with the Mobage app launch, Solitaire, Reversi and Ninja Royale also went live on Japanese App Store on August 11. Solitaire and Reversi are standard casual games, and Ninja Royale is DeNA's popular social game previously available exclusively on Android.

DeNA has also begun accepting pre-registration from iOS Mobage users in Japan for two social games, Aqua Collection and Bokujo Hokkorina. Bokujo Hokkorina is the original Japanese version of Critter Farm, which is currently available on Mobage in English-speaking countries. DeNA plans to enrich iOS offerings with a diverse range of third-party games, including previously announced Infinity Blade X for Mobage.

DeNA previously launched Mobage for Android and iOS browsers in December 2010 and Mobage Android app in May 2011 in Japan.