Peter Molyneux's 22cans Partners with DeNA to Release Mobile Game GODUS

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DATE :2013.05.20

SAN FRANCISCO - May 20, 2013 - Today, DeNA and 22cans announced a partnership to publish GODUS, the highly anticipated game from 22cans that is a reinvention of the god game genre pioneered by legendary game designer Peter Molyneux.

22cans, a game studio founded by Molyneux, chose to partner with DeNA to distribute and market its game GODUS when the mobile game is released for Android, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices. The game will also utilize DeNA's Mobage mobile social games platform in Western territories, Japan and Korea.

"We have huge respect for DeNA's successes in mobile gaming. By fusing their expertise and experience with our passion and dedication, we are going to make GODUS a truly groundbreaking reinvention of the god game genre," said Peter Molyneux, founder of 22cans. "As a global leader in developing and publishing mobile games, DeNA is the ideal partner for us to collaborate with on the launch of GODUS. Their breadth of expertise working with second and third-party game developers is invaluable as we prepare for the release of GODUS on mobile devices."

GODUS is a new type of game for mobile devices. In it you are a god, able to wield divine powers over your devoted followers. As you advance your civilization to ever-greater power, your people will grant you belief. With this belief you can sculpt entire lands, beautifying them with your touch. However, there are other worlds and rival gods to face and to challenge. Additionally, you have the power to wreak earthquakes, volcanoes or tornados upon these foes, as well as send armies of your devoted followers into the battle for ultimate control. You and your people will clash with other gods and followers in the most intense and exciting multiplayer battles for supremacy.

"One of my first jobs in the video game industry was working on the quality assurance team for Peter's Populous 2. That title and its predecessor set the tone for a whole new generation of games," said Clive Downie, CEO of DeNA West. "Fast forward to 2013, and it's an honor to have the opportunity to work with Peter again on the launch of GODUS. Our team is looking forward to working with 22cans on a game that we know will set a new standard for the mobile generation."

Assets are available to download via this link: http://moba.ge/GODUSAssets

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