DeNA Releases Enchanting Puzzle Game 'World of Thingies' for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

CATEGORY :Corporate
DATE :2014.05.29

SAN FRANCISCO - May 29, 2014 - DeNA, a global leader in developing and publishing mobile games, today announced the launch of World of Thingies, a vibrant free-to-play puzzle game on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Developed by DeNA Vancouver, World of Thingies takes the player through a vast imaginative world filled with charming collectable Thingies. It's a fun, fast-paced match-three puzzle game featuring a robust and challenging single player campaign where the player must solve boss puzzles throughout the whimsical world of Landiland.

In World of Thingies, the evil Bossy Badsacks has stolen all the Thingies from Thingie Corp to sell on the Internet, and it's up to the players to rescue them and return them to the Lab. There's never a dull moment in World of Thingies as players are immersed in the colorful Landiland that is filled to the brim with exciting characters, art, and Thingies.

The multiplayer experience in World of Thingies gives players the chance to go head-to-head against their friends and other players around the world in real-time to test their puzzle solving skills and speed. During single and multiplayer matchups, the player earns and collects Thingies. The adorable Thingies can be fed, used for experimentation, or recycled to create game-changing bonuses when activated during a puzzle.

The World of Thingies App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or at www.AppStore.com.

For more information on World of Thingies and to download the game, please visit: http://worldofthingiesgame.com/

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