SHOGAKUKAN and DeNA Announce Establishment of Joint Venture in Digital Media

CATEGORY :Corporate
DATE :2017.08.03

The following information was originally prepared and published by DeNA Co., Ltd. in Japanese. This English translation is for your convenience only. To the extent there is any discrepancy between this English translation and the original Japanese version, please refer to the Japanese version.

TOKYO, JAPAN - August 3, 2017 - SHOGAKUKAN Inc. and DeNA Co., Ltd. today announced their agreement to establish a joint venture in digital media on Tuesday, August 8, 2017.

1. Objective for establishing joint venture

Since their agreement in April, SHOGAKUKAN and DeNA have been jointly discussing possibilities and validating options for the future of digital media businesses. Now, SHOGAKUKAN and DeNA will establish a new joint venture to jointly operate a digital media business mainly focused on women's fashion.

This joint venture will incorporate SHOGAKUKAN's expertise in article publishing, including planning, editing, and reviewing, and DeNA's expertise in building systems and online marketing. This joint venture will reform the operating structure for the previous MERY service, and create all articles through a new process, with the aim to create a completely new type of media.
This joint venture will also provide support, including advising and analysis, for SHOGAKUKAN's digital media.

Further, peroli, Inc. will continue to handle any issues concerning the previous MERY service prior to the withdrawal of all articles.

2. Summary of the joint venture

Company Name MERY Co., Ltd.
Address 2-3-1 Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Establishment Date August 8, 2017
Capital 600.05 million yen (Includes capital reserves. Capital ratio: SHOGAKUKAN 66.66%; DeNA 33.34%)
Representative Director & President Hiroshi Yamagishi (Executive Vice President of SHOGAKUKAN Inc.)
Areas of Operation Exploring possibilities for operating digital media, support for SHOGAKUKAN media

*The new MERY will not use any of the articles withdrawn from the previous MERY service

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