DeNA & Tencent Games to Launch Japanese Version of Arena of Valor

DATE :2018.11.06

Pre-registration Begins Today

TOKYO, Japan – November 6, 2018 – DeNA Co., Ltd. and Tencent Games are planning to partner for the Japanese launch of Tencent’s Arena of Valor,* with pre-registration beginning today, November 6.
Arena of Valor is the international version of the Chinese Tencent title Honour of Kings, which has achieved over 200 million registered users worldwide and is the global #1 grossing iOS game.** For the planned Japanese launch of Arena of Valor, DeNA will be mainly in charge of operational support, marketing and the text localization. Please see the following page for details.
DeNA will continue to bring popular international titles to the Japanese market, with the aim to provide more quality entertainment experiences to Japanese game enthusiasts.
* The name of the Japanese version of Arena of Valor is tentative and may change.
** Source: App Annie “The Top 5 Worldwide Grossing Portable Games of 2017.”
About Tencent Games
Tencent Games is the world's leading game developer and publisher and one of the world's largest online gaming platforms. With a vision to "create happiness with our hearts", Tencent Games is committed to providing players with "trustworthy", "entertaining" and "professional" interactive gaming experience by cultivating multiple product segments and building diversified platforms.
About DeNA
DeNA (pronounced “D-N-A”) develops and operates a broad range of mobile and online services including games, e-commerce, entertainment, healthcare, automotive and other diversified offerings. Founded in 1999, DeNA is headquartered in Tokyo with over 2,000 employees. DeNA's aim is to delight and impact the world through the use of the internet and AI. DeNA Co., Ltd. is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (2432). For more information, visit: dena.com/intl/.
■ About Arena of Valor (Japanese version)
This game is the Japanese smartphone game version of the MOBA Arena of Valor, developed by Tencent as the overseas version of the original Chinese Tencent title Honour of KingsHonour of Kings, first launched in 2015 in China, achieved over 200 million registered users, and became a top grossing game app globally. In this game, players select a hero from a variety of options with differing characteristics, are divided into two teams, and fight real time 5v5 battles. The heroes are drawn from the ranks of historical and legendary figures like Arthur, Lu Bu, and Wukong. Become your favorite character and team up with your allies to fight battles and destroy your enemy’s base!
About MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas)
In MOBAs, players are divided into two opposing teams, and attempt to destroy the enemy base. This game is 5v5, and players select a hero from among a variety of different options and work together with their allies to go to battle and destroy their enemy’s base.
About this game
This game features historical and legendary heroes such as Arthur, Lu Bu, and Wukong. Each hero belongs to one of six classes: warrior, tank, assassin, mage, marksman, and support. Players must choose their hero wisely to match their strategy and role.
*The images are from development.
■ Official site open! Pre-registration underway!
The official site for the Japanese version of Arena of Valor was launched on November 6, 2018. The pre-registration campaign is also underway, with special prizes to be awarded to all who sign up whenever the number of pre-registrations reaches a campaign goal. For more details, please see the pre-registration page.
Official Site (Japanese only)
■ About Arena of Valor (Japanese version)
  • Title (Japanese)
    伝説対決 -Arena of Valor-
    *The name is tentative and may change.
  • Icon
  • Launch format
    Smartphone app (iPhone and Android devices)
  • Genre
    5v5 MOBA
  • Price
    In-app purchases
  • Copyright
  • Supported OS
    iOS 9 & above (iPhone 5s onward), Android 4.0.3 & above (2GB RAM & up)
    *Some devices not supported.
  • Official site (Japanese only)
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