RaQualia Pharma Joins DeNA & DeNA Life Science AI-Powered Drug Discovery Research Collaboration

CATEGORY :Healthcare
DATE :2018.12.14

TOKYO, JAPAN – December 14, 2018 - DeNA Co., Ltd. and DeNA Life Science, Inc. announced the participation of RaQualia Pharma Inc. in the former’s joint AI-driven drug discovery research with Summit Pharmaceuticals International Corporation.

DeNA and DeNA Life Science are currently engaged in collaborative research with pharmaceutical companies to validate the potential of AI technology in drug discovery. Summit Pharmaceuticals is supporting activities aiming to establish this AI-driven drug discovery program as well as exploring opportunities for future global business deployment.

RaQualia Pharma agrees with the mission of this AI-powered drug discovery program and will participate in the activities of DeNA, DeNA Life Science, and Summit Pharmaceuticals aiming to move forward this AI-powered drug discovery program. The objective of RaQualia Pharma is to further the validation process for the AI-powered drug discovery program, and contribute to improving the accuracy of the program by providing chemical compound information and through other assistance.

Through these efforts to utilize AI technology in drug discovery, DeNA and DeNA Life Science are dedicated to creating a society with better health and longevity for all people. RaQualia Pharma will use its core competence in drug discovery to enhance the current research efforts, and going forward will pursue a variety of possibilities through cutting edge drug discovery research.

Reference: Please see the press release of January 10, 2018 titled “DeNA Starts Research Collaboration in AI-Powered Drug Discovery Utilizing Pharmaceutical Company Compound Data” https://dena.com/intl/press/003549

About DeNA
DeNA (pronounced “D-N-A”) develops and operates a broad range of mobile and online services including games, e-commerce, entertainment, healthcare, automotive and other diversified offerings. Founded in 1999, DeNA is headquartered in Tokyo with over 2,000 employees. DeNA's aim is to delight and impact the world through the use of the internet and AI. DeNA Co., Ltd. is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (2432). For more information, visit: dena.com/intl/.

About DeNA Life Science
DeNA Life Science provides healthcare services, such as the direct-to-consumer genetic testing service MYCODE, and engages in business and research making use of life science and information innovation. DeNA Life Science contributes to a better society and brighter future by continuing to support people’s health and happiness. For more information, visit: https://dena-ls.co.jp (Japanese only)

About RaQualia
RaQualia Pharma Inc. has its research headquarters in Nagoya, Japan and is a research and development based pharmaceutical company whose aim is to create new pharmaceutical products with cutting-edge science and technology focusing on medical fields where patients have the greatest need. We create development compounds, the seeds for new drugs, via an open collaboration network which we have designed. We then deliver valuable new treatments to patients by licensing these compounds to partners who in turn bring that innovation to market. For more information, please visit http://www.raqualia.com/ ( https://www.raqualia.co.jp )

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